Mystery Burger Update

by chubbywerewolf on 15 September 2011

Can you guess the identity of the Maine Mystery Burger?

Can you guess the identity of the Maine Mystery Burger?

Well, September 15 is here, and, sadly, I have yet to receive any correct guesses as to the identity of the “mystery burger.”

I did get one entry that was close—the person guessed a restaurant within 30 yards of the correct location—and was attempted to award the gift certificate to that person, but the entrant forgot to Retweet #MEmysteryburger and the contest URL:

Anyway, I’ve decided to extend the contest by another 15 days and offer a couple of new clues (see below, in red). If you already entered the contest once, you may submit one new entry since I’m making new clues available.

Here’s how to enter:

1) Email your best guess to with subject line “mystery burger.” One guess per person, please. Multiple emails and emails with multiple guesses will be discarded.

2) Follow chubbywerewolf on Twitter. (And if you’d like to “Like” me on Facebook as well, the link is here… but it certainly isn’t mandatory.)

3) Retweet #MEmysteryburger and the contest URL:

Its that simple. And it should really only take about 30 seconds.

The contest now ends on October 1st. I will randomly select a winner from the correct contest entries and announce his or her name on October 10th.

Here are a few hints to help you out:

  • NEW HINT: The burger is part of a special menu, and not available on all days at all times.
  • NEW HINT: If you were planning to enjoy this burger in advance of a movie at the Nickelodeon Theater (a weekend matinee, perhaps?), you wouldn’t have far to walk.
  • The burger can be found in Portland proper (e.g. not Falmouth, not Scarborough, not South Portland, etc…)
  • Looking at some of the other items on the plate might be useful. And as mentioned previously, the presence of an egg on top of the burger should be a very big clue.
  • The burger is not one that I’ve reviewed on the blog so far… which should allow you to eliminate at least a few places.

Good luck!

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