Elevation Burger (South Portland, ME)

January 20, 2012
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Remember when a hamburger joint was just a hamburger joint? You know… the days before we, as a society, wrapped our arms around this need to categorize and sub-categorize burger places (and everything else, for that matter) into a thousand little groupings? Seriously, consider today’s burger landscape: There’s the low-end/economy burger joint, represented by a […]

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Longhorn Steakhouse (South Portland, ME)

January 17, 2012
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My contempt for the Maine Mall area—with its confluence of zombified crowds, dipshit teenagers and idiotic drivers doing their best to create traffic mayhem in the parking lots and surrounding streets—is such that there are precious few circumstances strong enough to motivate me to drive out there. The exceptions, in order of greatest importance to […]

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Minami Japanese Grill & Supreme Buffet

January 6, 2012
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Who could have guessed that the solution to Portland’s abysmal Chinese buffet (and takeout) offerings—so well documented here and here—would be a Japanese buffet? Not me. At least not prior to a few nights ago. But that was before I discovered Minami Japanese Grill & Supreme Buffet, one of the best buffet experiences I’ve had […]

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Bresca Day: An Interview With Owner/Chef Krista Kern Desjarlais

December 7, 2011
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I’ve gone on record a number of times as having said that the single best food experience I’ve had in my five years in Maine was a dinner I ate at at Bresca a few years ago. The memory of that meal—honeycomb and pecorino, shaved brussels sprouts (with toasted walnuts, Parmesan, Pecorino and olive oil) and […]

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(Spicy) Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

October 30, 2011
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When I was growing up, it was often difficult for my family to find the time to sit down together for evening meals. This is something that used to bother me tremendously, due largely to the fact that—primed on a steady diet of family-centric 70’s and 80’s sitcoms where everybody ate together all the time—I […]

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The Mystery Burger… REVEALED!

October 23, 2011
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Back in August, I launched my “Mystery Burger” contest, in which I asked readers to determine the identity of a local restaurant where the burger (see image, above) originated. The rules were simple: send in one guess via email, follow me on Twitter and then promote the contest on twitter using the URL provided and […]

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A Defense of Portland, Street and Company and Tuna Bolognese, Part 1 (of 2): “Mr. Bourdain, Please Kiss Me Before You F*ck Me”

October 20, 2011
Street & Company

Note: This blog entry, part one of two, is nearly 20 months in the making. For reasons explained below, I’ve written it, trashed it and re-written it at least a half-dozen times over the course of the last several months. With Anthony Bourdain—the subject of Part 1 of this commentary—visiting Portland in a couple of […]

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The Badger Burger

September 25, 2011
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The good folks at Wisconsin Cheese Talk recently asked me if I might be interested in guest-authoring a burger recipe for their blog. The result? The Badger Burger, a combination of beef, paprika-rubbed smoked cheddar, bacon, chipotle mayo and other ingredients. You can find the complete recipe here.

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Mystery Burger Update

September 15, 2011
Mystery Burger

Well, September 15 is here, and, sadly, I have yet to receive any correct guesses as to the identity of the “mystery burger.” I did get one entry that was close—the person guessed a restaurant within 30 yards of the correct location—and was attempted to award the gift certificate to that person, but the entrant […]

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Breakfast on the Go: Fit to Eat (Portland, ME)

September 12, 2011
Fit to Eat

Between the years 1997-2005, I was living in the Midwest, where I was employed as the Editorial Director of a monthly B2B magazine. Travel was a large part of the job requirement. During that time, I visited 42 of 50 U.S. States, as well as several foreign countries. In 2002, my business travel schedule peaked […]

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