Steve Corry’s Truffle Mac Dog (Blue Rooster Food Co. Summer Chef Series)

by chubbywerewolf on 21 June 2014

Though we are a mere quarter of the way through the Blue Rooster Summer Chef Series, I find myself impressed with how unique each of the entries has been. All of the hot dogs have been decidedly different from the rest, with virtually no overlap in theme or ingredients (save for the bun and the hot dog itself, of course).

That trend continues in Week 4, with the Truffle Mac & Cheese Dog. Concocted by Steve Corry of Five Fifty-Five, the Truffle Mac Dog is topped with truffled macaroni & cheese, chives and house-made waffle cut potato chips.

Any concerns I had about the presence (or lack thereof) of cheese in last week’s dog have evaporated, for this one is all about the cheese, which exists in abundance in every single bite. This is thanks to the nicely-cooked bell-shaped pasta (torchio, I believe), each noodle serving as a vessel for what feels like a small warehouse of the creamy cheese blend. That blend, I’m told, is the same one you’ll find in Five Fifty-Five’s famed truffled lobster mac & cheese (artisanal cheese blend [parmesan, mascarpone, gruyere, fontina and cheddar] white truffle oil and shaved black truffles). Of course, there’s no lobster on this hot dog, but who needs—or even wants—it, with these other fine ingredients?

truffle-mac-cheese-dogThe waffle-cut potato chips are light and airy. They add a nice textural component to the sandwich, serving a similar function to the crispy fried onions on past weeks’ hot dogs. And the chive garnish delivered just the right amount of mild, sweet onion’y flavor for me, as well as a nice bit of color contrast to the meal.

One of the things I enjoyed most about this hot dog is that even though the mac & cheese is one of the most elegant versions you’ll ever try—we’re talking about a thousand levels above that radioactive yellow Kraft stuff—enjoying it atop a well-prepared hot dog still elicited memories of those hot dog/mac & cheese skillets so many of us devoured as children. And at $7, this hot dog is a tremendous value. Even if you’re not endeavouring to try all 13 hot dogs in the Chef Series, the Truffle Mac Dog is one that bears a special trip.

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Ronaldo Delicioso June 22, 2014 at 8:04 am

I got 4 punches Wolf, I’m right there with you! French Connection my fav thus far.


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